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Vision4Lab is a wearable device powered by a post-processing and backoffice software.


on critical procedures that require video logs or double check processes.


Sterile and non-sterile products preparation and mainly, due to its potential to cause harm, cytotoxic drug preparations

Hazardous material manipulations

Chemical and high-risk manipulations and tasks.

Nuclear Power Plants

Double check, video training, reducing the exposure to dangerous materials.

Medical Procedures

All clinical tasks subject to double checking.

How it works

Vision4Lab is one of the easiest to use systems in the healthcare market
it automates all processes to be almost invisible to the operators

1. Glasses

The operator will carry a computerized video recording glasses with HD camera built-in

2. Process

The manipulation will be video recorded with audio or will be broadcasted to the control center in realtime.

3. Events

For every event the operator shows a QRcode to the video camera

4. Image Analysis

Vision4Lab post-processing software will automatically start the image analysis, looking for features, QRcodes, barcodes, etc. Extracting and tagging all events required to make the verification.

5. Verification

Double verification operation. Using Vision4Lab post-processing software.


Vision4Lab is the state of the art healthcare wearable
providing the best experience and it's very easy to use.

High-resolution video

from 1920x1080 up to 4K at 30 fps


Intelligent QRcode event marking


Post-processing, storage and indexing

Live streaming

Instant streaming to remote verification software.

Multiple Validation

multiple content can be verified by multiple terminals

Validation Log

Password protection to keep the track of each validation.


Vision4Lab at 21st European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (March 2016)
1st prize for poster submissions on 'Double checking manipulations for complex and/or high risk preparations'

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Contact Person: Alexandre Simoes
Phone: +(351) 918 736 296